Ag Environmental Consulting

Protection and restoration of the agricultural environment crosses a wide gamut, from monitoring of ground water quality near livestock operations to construction of agricultural chemical containment structures.  Folkedahl Consulting, Inc. (FCI) will assess your site, help you take the steps necessary to address any environmental or operational issues, and then provide services to design and construct facilities to improve your operation.

FCI provides the above services and more, but specializes in assessment and cleanup of agriculture chemical releases - whether recent and catastrophic or historic to the site.  FCI possesses more in-house experience in this work than any other individual consultant in Minnesota.

Following is a very brief overview of the steps that should be taken in the event of discovery of a release of pesticides or fertilizer:

If a release is discovered, whether recent or historic, it must be reported to the Minnesota Duty Officer (651-649-5451) immediately - delay or failure to report can lead to significant financial penalty.  Then, if needed, call FCI for immediate assistance to:

  • Contain the release as appropriate and necessary.
  • Perform a site investigation - hire a consultant (hint, hint) to evaluate the problem and develop a plan.
  • Submit a Remedial Investigation/Corrective Action Plan (RI/CAP) to the Department of Agriculture (MDA).
  • Apply for reimbursement of the costs so far, from the Agricultural Chemical Response and Reimbursement Account (ACRRA).
  • Take corrective action to clean up the site, as described in the RI/CAP and approved by the MDA.
  • Apply for ACRRA reimbursement.