Petroleum Remediation

Just like Minnesota's agricultural and rural environments, protection and restoration of urban environments is an important part of our culture.  If you have been asked to perform a site investigation or if you just desire to be proactive and find out if you have any petroleum-related issues, call  Folkedahl Consulting, Inc.

FCI will assess your site, help you take the steps necessary to address any environmental issues, and if necessary, provide services to clean up your petroleum tank site.

FCI has investigated many petroleum tank sites in Minnesota, underground and above ground.  We have closed every investigation to date without having to physically disrupt or excavate the site.  We use common sense and simple logic to protect our clients from costly and unnecessary state demands.

Nevertheless, if you or others discover a petroleum release on your site, following is a very brief overview of the steps that should be taken:

If a release is discovered, whether recent or historic, it must be reported to the Minnesota Duty Officer (651-649-5451) immediately - delay or failure to report can lead to significant financial penalty.  Then, if needed, call FCI for immediate assistance to:

  • Contain the release as appropriate and necessary.
  • Plan a site assessment - hire a consultant (hint, hint) to evaluate the problem and develop a plan.
  • Perform a Limited Site Investigation and file a Report with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).
  • Apply for reimbursement of costs, from the Minnesota Petrofund.
  • If necessary, take corrective action to clean up the site.